The Future of Forward Events

The past few years have been a challenge - not just in the UK, but globally!

Whether it be apathy, cost of living, the war or whatever - there can be no doubt, bookings for 'Jazz Breaks' and, possibly other Breaks, have not been as spontaneous as they used to be.

Folk are holding back on commitment to attend and payment


We can only hazard a guess, but there is an undeniable scenario that is threatening the future of our 'Breaks' that include hotel/resort stayovers.

Most venues need to ensure their investment in 'Breaks' is worthwhile and sustainable.

Promoters are increasingly under pressure to present bookings/cash to these venues, sometimes 8-10 weeks prior to the event taking place. At this point in time a decision has to be made as to whether the event covers costs. It's not rocket science - it's purely a survival necessity. Unpaid rooms don't pay the bills.

We are told that future Venture Away Breaks after this year are unlikely. In fact, the 2024 Blackpool jazz slot has been replaced by a second Rock 'n' Roll Event, which is already attracting plenty of bookings.

There is no intention, or motive for this news item, other than to make it clear that more Jazz Breaks could fall by the wayside if punters do not support promoters and venues by showing swift response.