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All Restrictions in England Due to End on 19 July 2021


The Prime Minister yesterday announced his intention to end all Covid-19 restrictions on 19 July, with this to be confirmed on 12 July. All venues and businesses seem set to reopen, with the one-metre plus social distancing rule also to be scrapped, and no legal limits to be set on audience numbers indoors or outdoors.


This is great news for music events of any kind – although the test, track and trace system will stay in use and so could still impact some musicians who have checked in at a certain venue and are asked to isolate. The Government is, however, looking into whether self-isolation will continue to be necessary for those who have had both Coronavirus jabs.


Border restrictions will remain for the time being, as will the traffic light system for international travel, so musicians should be aware that touring abroad may still be problematic. We will update members with any further detail or information as it becomes available in the coming days.


Ensuring members feel secure in returning to work


The MU will also be liaising with employers, engagers and fixers around plans for the reduction or removal of social distancing requirements to ensure that members feel secure in returning to all aspects of their work. Members may also still find our workplace advice for health and safety around Covid-19 useful.


Members who are shielding and would like any advice or assistance should contact their Regional Office.


Plans for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are due to be announced in the coming days and we will be updating members accordingly through the MU website, our emails and our social media channels.



If you are a musician who has been shielding due to Covid-19, please take this last chance to complete our five-minute survey which will be closing on Friday 9 July.








The Hub Launches Toolkit on Post-Pandemic Support for Artists and Creative Freelancers


Our friends at the hub have just launched a new Balance toolkit that includes 100+ bespoke resources to help artists and creative freelancers take better care of their mental health and businesses in the wake of Covid 19.





Video Explainers on MIC and Border Crossings Released


We’ve now released a recording of the webinars and Q&A session we put on, explaining the latest guidance on MIC, and how to travel with musical instruments containing CITES-listed controlled endangered species.