July/August Relaunch Issue

Our special kickstart issue of jazz guide magazine covering july events with covid restrictions in place as well as August events and 2021/2022 UK breaks, will be mailed out Thursday 24th June 2021.

N.B: we felt it was important to get this 16 page issue out there, even though is not the usual format. Originally at 24 pages, we had to delete 8 of those due to BoJo’s deferment of final phase of lockdown.

We anticipate available tickets for listed events will be swallowed up swiftly - some have been on our website for a while and reports are that sales are going well - so book early to avoid disappointment.

The September edition will revert to the familiar layout. We are pleased to welcome customers old and new to contact us if you wish to be included in future editions and/or take advantage of out online coverage. Full details: [email protected]

Anyone wishing to update subscriptions - please contact [email protected] We are keen to improve on our services, whilst maintaining our fast friendly services. Please ask how we can help you.

N.B. We regret we are having to change subscription rates (maintained same since 2013) due to annual Royal Mail price increases.  £10 charge will now cover 9 months, rather than 12.

There are no plans to increase advertising rates at this stage. I think we are ALL struggling to cope with quite enough hurdles.