Jazz Guide Magazine Relaunch


We have received an almost unanimous reaction from our advertisers to proceed to print with our Special July/August Relaunch Issue.

Only a couple of venues/gigs not able to go ahead just yet, and a few July gigs postponed after BoJo's announcement regards total easing of lockdown deferment.

We are very pleased to announce there is a grand selection of Jazz & Live Music in this issue and we will now start to prep all material for print and mail-out. We are hopeful of going to print on 21st June 2021.

Anyone still wishing to advertise should contact us urgently to go onto the waiting list, which is necessary as we can only proceed in blocks of four pages. Currently we stand at 20 pages for this issue. Special deals will remain available for those who make entry into this Kickstart Jazz Guide.
Contact [email protected] for full details

We hope to return to our normal operation for the September issue - deadline date for that is 10th August.