Jazz Guide FAQ's

Jazz Guide - FAQ’s....
All you need to know about our services & operation, based on actual questions/enquiries received.
We get lots of calls asking about our goods and services, especially our website policy, so we have decided to try to explain exactly what we are about in the form of customer FAQ’s.
If there is anything we haven't covered, please ask.

What FREE services we actually offer our advertisers?

FREE artwork service;
FREE diary space for all monthly gigs;
FREE copies of Jazz Guide to distribute;
FREE Website coverage* (see below)...
plus - honesty, integrity and a hard working ethic.

What is our aim?
We have always strived to maintain affordable and consistent advertising and promotion.
Our main aim is to build trust with our advertisers.
In return, we simply ask for loyalty.
Our promise is to work hard to put YOU in the spotlight. 
We appreciate we cannot force folk through your doors, but we will do our level best to ensure your events receive plenty of attention out there.
Bottom Line - put your trust in us and we promise to do our utmost to maximise your coverage and promotion.

Are we forward - looking? 
We are always looking to improve our lines of communication and promotion.
We are constantly working to attract new advertisers and subscribers to join us, as well as looking for additional ways to grab attention.

What is The Jazz Guide?
The monthly magazine is a full colour production, typically around 40 pages - A5.
It contains hundreds of live jazz gigs each month, along with Jazz Breaks, Festivals, Cruises, Bands/Artists and more.
The gigs shown on the website are only a fraction of those listed in the Jazz Guide magazine.
This is because not everybody that advertises in the magazine reaches the £44 per month advertising threshold and so their events do not get posted online, as well as in the Jazz Guide.

What are the Jazz Guide objectives?
We have worked long and hard to improve the appearance of the magazine, along with our administration, distribution and communication procedures. 
We hope regular customers will testify that these improvements have not been achieved by raising costs.

Why did the website come to the party?
We started our new website in a very conscious effort to objectively bring together the diverse genre of Jazz and to encourage all out there to enjoy a ‘live and alive’ music experience.
Prices were not raised to pay for the website facility - those costs were absorbed by us, along with the operating and upkeep costs. Suffice to say, it was not a small outlay.

How long does advertisers info stay on website?
As soon as we receive website qualifying info, it is queued up for entry onto the website, usually loaded close to deadline date. It will remain on the website for as long as the advertiser continues to place a qualifying advert. Adverts are scripted to be turned off as soon as advertising ceases. Please feel free to contact us if you require further clarification on this. 

How do advertisers qualify for the website coverage?
Contact us for details. 
To those out there who have tried and trusted us to provide value for money additional coverage of their goods and services, we sincerely hope they are seeing a return for their loyalty to Jazz Guide.
The new website launched on 17th Sept 2018. Page hits in August 2019 reached 13,264 and have been consistently around the 12,000 mark.
Something else we are encouraged by is the fact that a very large proportion of these views come from a new public.
Website coverage will include - Entries under Live Jazz/Live Gigs tab;  Entries under Venue or Band/Artist tab. In addition, we also have the facility to carry Direct Booking Links, News items, Newsflashes, Social Media Posts and Slideshows - these are at the discretion of Jazz Guide and often, but not always, relative to monthly advertising spend. We base coverage very much according to loyalty.
There are still lots more features to be added, along with polishing up the visual experience. Coming soon will be the facility for advertisers to add material to their own pages.

 What if I decide to advertise for only the one month - for example, I have a time-specific event to advertise? 
So - if you wish to advertise in the current issue of Jazz Guide and send in your material for the deadline date, usually around the 10th of the previous month, your details will get loaded on pretty swiftly and will remain online until the end of the issue date - e.g. if your advert goes into the November issue, it will be loaded on around mid-October and stay online until the end of November. Your entries will remain online for as long as you qualify as an advertiser. Another point worth consideration is that Jazz Guide Magazine goes out in the middle of the month, thus extending promotion of your event or services. 

Will prices ever rise?  A minimal price rise in July 2018 dealt with rises in production/admin/distribution costs and website data/security legislation.

What does the pageview count include? 
This includes only the hits on advertiser pages.
It does not include Social Media (Facebook/Twitter) hits, nor Jazz Media hits, which we class as entertainment/awareness/bonus material. The social media hits are quite substantial, but, we feel, are not always directly linked to advertised events. 
Social media techies out there may have noticed that we do not participate in the way of replies to Facebook and Twitter hits -  we simply do not have the time, nor person power to respond right now.  We are well aware of the potential, so it is something we are considering for the future.....in fact we are in the process of evaluating this feature for inclusion in the new website with the Mailchimp app - we'll keep you posted! In addition, we do not participate in 'boosting' posts to inflate our figures.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.