Jazz Guide Announcement

Dear Advertisers,

We remain ready to emerge out of the gloom 'n' doom to deal with whatever new normal besets the Jazz scene. 

20/20 vision and the best quality crystal ball is an essential item for the future folks.

Obviously we have ruled out a June issue, as we do not envisage enough folk out there will be prepared to return to action with regards regular venues.

During this the 'stay aware phase', we are hearing some establishments are preparing to open on July 4th.  We actually think this is a little optimistic, given the capital risk of re-opening with restrictive measures to combat the dreaded covid-19 factor.  As we have said previously, venue owners and promoters, along with bands and performers will need to consider trimming their cloth to bring about an early restart.  'The Brits' are by nature a resilient bunch, but many have never faced a battle like this before.  There is another critical factor to add into the total mix - one of confidence.

It is imperative to strike 'safe' working environments to ensure we respect the virility of Covid 19.

There are still some promoters out there hoping to realise their ambitions of running long-standing 2020 events, and, they will not be underestimating the task ahead of them.  Others have postponed events and released future dates for their events - mainly festivals, but there are others, like the 'It's Trad Dad! show at Cadogan Hall.

Now is the time for all organisers to lay plans for a return to action, whenever that turns out to be. We at Jazz Guide remain ready for the off and are keen to hear from our long-term advertisers about how they see the future panning out and also to update us on any plans they might want to discuss. As we've said before, the only certainty of any re-opening is 'uncertainty' and despite the many media 'experts' out there consistently voicing what needs to be put in place, it is plainly obvious we all have a new learning curve in front of us. Politiicans may continue to bicker, but for those to whom the live music scene is of paramount importance, NOW is the time to start pulling a plan together.

At Jazz Guide, we will endeavour to do our utmost to get all released information/news/views out via our website to avoid further detrimental damage to the jazz scene. WE WILL DO OUR UTMOST to be ready for the off - as we have always said "we are here to help!".

As you will appreciate, the scene is in limbo right now - but we live in hope of a swift and safe return.


In the meantime stay aware, strong and safe.

The Jazz Guide Team.