Frog & Henry Big Band Tour

You may be interested in knowing that...
Frog & Henry will tour as a 10-11 piece band in Jan/Feb, 2021.
Specifically from Jan 15 - Feb 3.

Their repertoire and overall sound will be along the lines of Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra, Charlie Johnson's Paradise Ten, Piron's Orchestra, Celestin's Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra, as well as some radio/studio formations accompanying a singer: i.e., Rudy's Vallee, Annette Hanshawe, Lee Morse, etc..

They are currently digitizing much of John Robichaux's repertoire, as he was certainly one of the most prolific band leaders in this city in those early days. 

The instrumentation/personel so far: 
Ewan Bleach, vocals - reeds
Laurin Habert - reeds
William Scott - reeds
Davide Vincenzi - reeds
Trumpet - TBD
Trombone - TBD
Ryan - gtr, banjo, vocals
Kermane Arken - gtr, violin, vocals
Andrew Oliver - piano
Percussion - TBD
Sousaphone - Jack Butler

The intention is to highlight the lesser heard repertoire, and overall ensemble sound of early New Orleans-based orchestras.
The plan is to not let the logistics of planning this project hinder its realization. That's why they are making every effort now to make sure that it can happen. Bandleader Ryan collected quite a few resources on their most recent tour by simply asking at their concerts whether someone had any sheet music or band arrangements that they would care to share with us - it immediately manifested in several hundred scores offered to us from 2 or 3 separate individuals! And this week Ryan raided the Hogan Jazz Archives at the university on a daily basis, finding a lot of arrangements he'd never expected to find.
Ryan is very much aware of the enormity of this project and very excited to make this happen. It's something the band have been dreaming about doing for a number of years.