Frog & Henry - Just when you thought you'd REDDIT all!

Ewan Bleach, Ryan Baer, F. H. Henry, Kermane Aiken, David Neigh, Laurin Houdini

Having spent so much time following this band from afar and listening to their stuff, it was indeed a great pleasure to catch them live at The Walnut Tree in Blisworth.

Having just travelled the long journey from Lincolnshire in a lot less than ideal travelling conditions, F&H caught their breath and spread their magic.

On a day when only the brave ventured out, due to the poor timing of Storm Ciara, the lounge was treated to a MasterClass of musicianship and sound that displayed everything this versatile band is about and it was they that blew the audience away with a great variety of music that transcended generations.

This was, without doubt, a memorable experience!  Great repertoire, amazing sound and testimony to just what can be achieved with imagination, vision and determination - not withstanding their mastery of instruments and vocals.

I urge all and sundry to make every effort to catch up with them on this UK Tour - you have only a few chances to do this, but you WILL NOT be disappointed!

Don't take our word for it - listen for yourself and download some of their gems:  https://frogandhenry.bandcamp.com/album/frog-and-henry-england-2019

We are pleased to confirm one of our previous news items, announcing the Band intend to tour again in Jan/Feb 2021 and the programme is filling up fast.