Coronavirus Update 01.04.20



Dear Advertisers,

Some of you may have noticed our regular updates on the news section of our website at https://www.thejazzguide.co.uk regards the Coronavius outbreak and its devastating effect on the jazz scene globally.

Around the time of the April 2020 issue, the Government announced that it was not planing any restrictions as it was keen to ‘flatten the curve’ to avoid untold stress on NHS services. So, we went to press in good faith on March 9th for a March 13th mail-out. Sadly, by March 23rd, we saw a total reversal of policy, resulting in a total lock-down for 3 weeks. This effectively stood everybody down, leaving venues, musicians and promoters with a major dilemna and here we are, as we write, in the 10th day of isolation with much of our April schedule wiped out.

As announced on our website, we must take control and avoid a repeat of this scenario to maintain ‘good faith’. Had we forseen what lay in the future before March 9th, the April would, obviously, NOT have gone to print.

Originally, we decided to put the planned.. deadline for the May issue back to the 20th from the 6th April (the 6th being the final day of the original 3 week lockdown). The latest word from the Government ‘hints’ at an extension to the lockdown period. Although not confirmed, we are mindful of the fluidity of the situation this virus has forced upon us all and feel it prudent to not produce a May issue of Jazz Guide magazine.

In the possible unlikely event of restrictions being lifted, we will use our website to get any necessary information ‘out there’ to maintain continuity for the scene.

All details of events for later in the year will be left on the website and marked with any updates as they arise. In short, we are keen to preserve continuity.

We will update the ‘news’ section of our website regularly with regards to future issues.

We regret the loss of the April schedule due to drastic restrictions hurriedly implemented by our Government and assure you of our best attention and intention at all times.

This hidden enemy has been a nighmare to us all - let’s all hope it is sorted out and defeated sooner rather than later. In the meantime stay strong and safe.

The Jazz Guide Team.