23.09.20 M.U. Bulletin on latest Coronavirus restrictions

As we have suspected since the acceleration of the Pandemic in Spring, this virus is gonna take some defeating.  It remains a challenging and expensive enemy on our liberty.  Although disappointing, we MUST NOT abandon hope, but instead, use this period to emerge stronger and more united on the other side.   Take care and stay safe.

From the M.U...

Today’s announcement is further unwelcome news for the live gigging sector and makes it clearer than ever that urgent financial support will be needed for musicians and other freelancers.

Government must support musicians during the pandemic.

Our latest Covid-19 Impact Poll reveals that:

34% are considering abandoning their career in music, while 37% are not sure.

The poll also reveals:

36% musicians do not have any work at all right now

65% musicians are facing financial hardship

87% musicians will be facing financial hardship as a result of the Government’s income support schemes ending in October.

A third (34%) of musicians are considering abandoning the industry completely, due to financial hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Results from our latest impact poll reveal that nearly half (47%) of our members have already been forced to seek work outside of the industry, with seven in 10 (70%) unable to undertake more than a quarter of their usual work.

With furlough schemes coming to an end, 87% of musicians who were covered by the schemes say they will be facing financial hardship, and a third (33%) didn’t even qualify for any of the support available. As a result, nine in 10 (88%) believe the Government has not done enough to support musicians during the pandemic.