Stanley Jordan Guitar Course

Kings Place calendar_today 19 Jul 19 at 10:00 AM place London 2 day course £375 (Early Bird till 31st May £350.00) Day Player £200

Instead of conventional strumming and picking, Jordan’s innovative ‘touch technique’ is an advanced form of two handed tapping. His touch technique allows the guitarist to play melody and chords simultaneously with an unprecedented level of independence. It also allows Jordan
to play simultaneously on two different guitars, or even on guitar and piano. He says, ‘I think of it as a single instrument, but one with a wide range of tonal colours – that’s why I do it.’ But the Touch Technique is not all Stanley can do. Stanley is committed to music as an artistic, spiritual, and even health promoting endeavour. He has been immersed for more than a decade in music therapy, and he is now working towards a Master’s degree at Arizona State University. His involvement with music therapy leads him to do outreach in schools, hospitals and other venues wherever he tours. He is an artist-spokesperson for the American Music Therapy Association, and he has done numerous lectures and demonstrations on the healing applications of music. Join us for two days with a unique and very giving artist! Stanley Jordan will be assisted by London based guitarist Dario Cortese, Head of Contemporary Styles of IGF. 

Topics to be covered :-
The Art of Learning
Jazz Improvisation
The Touch Technique
P4 Tuning

This workshop is not suited for beginning players. The students should have at least a basic understanding of harmony and chord construction, but these topics will be reviewed. Anyway, both Stanley and Dario will do their best to make everyone feel welcome. Please bring your guitar.

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