New Orleans Hot Shots

The New Orleans Hotshots Jazz Band

The New Orleans Hotshots originated from The Russ Merryfield Jazz Band in 1993 when banjo player Russ relinquished leadership of the band after playing in Leicester for 21 years. Trombonist, Dave Harmer has led the Hotshots since then, with the only other original band member, pianist, Chris Reilley.

The band`s interpretation of “New Orleans style” jazz is broad from Classic numbers of Morton, Oliver and Ellington through spirituals, blues and “pop” tunes to “silly” fun vocals; the aim is to entertain.

For smaller venues we often perform as a 4 or 5 piece; the full 6 piece is used for Jazz Clubs and larger venues, with the line-up varying with gig location and availability of our musicians. Since the death in 2018 of our reedman, John Hale; we use variously Kelvin Smith, Dave Wood and Bob Caldwell on reeds.

Band Personnel:

Trombone:         Dave Harmer (band leader)

Cornet:                 Ivan Huke

Clarinet:               Kelvin Smith

Piano:                   Chris Reilley or Joe Nutman

Banjo:                   Ralph Hunt

Bass:                      Al Harris

Drums:                 Keith Chaplin                     


Dave Harmer

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