DGKollective (DGK) is a versatile ensemble that can tailor its programme and scale to meet any requirement. The full band comprises 17 players with the potential to add percussionists, guest vocalists and strings section (Strings Kollective). The ensemble covers a range of musical genres including big band swing,  Latin, Funk, Rhythm & Blues, Rock n Roll, soundtracks and incidental music

DGKollective (DGK) began in 2013 – both its conception and first meeting. Rehearsals followed shortly thereafter. For a few years, both the rehearsals and the live ‘opportunities’ were focussed on a narrow slice of the United Kingdom around the Scottish-English borderline. Players came from the region though appeal was made to a wider geographic area to make up the numbers; especially when it came to live performances. Specifically Glasgow and Edinburgh – many of the (horn) players hired in were undergraduates or graduates of the Jazz programme at RCS in Glasgow. A smattering of bookings and self promoted concerts around the region helped to maintain some focus.

However, after a handful of years of trying to keep the dream alive in the borderlands, the focus shifted to South Manchester/Cheshire; with its greater potential for players and opportunities. Regular rehearsals were established from around 2018 and have continued henceforth.

After two years of disruption due to the pandemic circa 2020/21, DGK got back on track by the start of 2022…


Doug Niel - Lead Trombone

Mark Harrison - Second Trombone

Chrissy Harbour - Third Trombone

Dave Kent - Fourth Trombone

Andrew Turnbull - Guitar

Jean Stewart - Baritone Sax

Ian Stoner - Second Alto Sax

James Adolpho - Bass

Ed Kainyek - Lead Alto Sax

Dom Rudd-Gunn - Lead Trumpet

Stan Lawrence - Second Trumpet

Richard Crossley - Drums

Mike Ames - Keys

Phil Harrison - Third Trumpet



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7:30 PM

DGKollective 17 Piece Big Band with vocalist Ariane Mamon


All Saints Church - Gretna