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Jazz Guide was, and still is, a free issue

A full colour monhly magazine full of Jazz & Live Music events around the UK and beyond.
Pre-covid around 40+ pages and currently around 24 pages full of varying events.

As many venues closed for varying reasons - toughened drink driving and no smoking laws to name but two, along came the w.w.w. with another challenge. The dominance of printed matter was suddenly under threat and changes became a necessity. The acceptance and reality of such a threat resulted in the embracing of the new www. phenomenon and an online presence became essential!  Then, just when you thought that was hard to handle, along came Coronavirus!!

Now in its 50th year, listing gigs | concerts | uk breaks | jazz festivals | jazz dining | overseas breaks | jazz bands | jazz venues | jazz artists and more, Jazz Guide magazine provides an attractive vehicle to put your message out there!

We offer a free, full colour artwork service in a fast, friendly and affordable manner.

In addition, we offer free packs of magazines,

We are totally focussed on the promotion of the wide genre of jazz and live music around the UK & beyond and are constantly expanding our customer base, as well as searching out new methods of promotion.

If you have not yet seen a copy of Jazz Guide magazine, please contact us and request one - we think you will be impressed.

Many of our advertisers have been with us for several years. To confirm the value we offer and the level of service we provide, please review our testimonials down below..

Jazz Guide Online...

2014 saw the introduction of Jazz Guide online to run alongside the printed publication.

Now on it's third upgrade, the website continues to address the challenge of providing affordable promotion to the jazz & live music scene.

Advertisers can enjoy the benefits of the website free, providing that is, they take out a qualifying advert within the Jazz Guide magazine. ASK US TO EXPLAIN!

The website is growing in popularity, as advertisers realise the rewards of increased and enhanced coverage. It is, and will continue to be, an ongoing 'work in progress', as new features are rolled out on a regular basis to remain fresh, competitive & effective.

The level of website privileges vary from standard to premium. PLEASE ASK!

Loyalty and trust is important to us and mutual respect is a key factor in our operating and communications methods.

If you think we could help you to promote your events or services - contact us to discuss your opportunities. Regards the website, we think this is our best online presence so far. Your promotions are loaded speedily, and, in house!

All you need to know  when contacting the Jazz Guide team...
Telephone: 01908 542595

Artwork/Website enquiries: [email protected]
Admin Enquiries/Subscriptions/Website: [email protected]
Website Address: www.thejazzguide.co.uk

Other necessary information

Production Schedules: These will vary due to Holidays/Xmas postal restrictions.

Monthly deadline dates are published on our website at: www.thejazzguide.co.uk
Occasional reminders posted on Facebook - or, you can phone/email us.

As a general guide only: With us producing your artwork ~ information is required by 6th of each month.
For artwork supplied by yourselves ~ 8th of each month.

Magazine usually goes to print @ 6am on the 10th of each month

Magazine mails out around 15th of each month

If in doubt - ASK!

Artwork Specifications - supplied by customer:  CMYK.pdf please.


They are:
£18 - Venue or Band Spotlight 69mm wide x 8mm high
£23 - Small Ad 69mm wide x 31mm high
Please make cheques payable for the above to 'Jazz Guide'

£44 - Medium: 69mm wide x63mm high
£50 - Qtr Page: 69mm wide x 96mm high.

£80 - Half Page: Portrait 69mm wide x 195mm high.
£80 - Landscape 140.5mm x 96mm.
£160 - Full Page: 140.5 mm wide x 195mm high.
£110 - *Front or *Back Page: 148mm wide x 168mm high. Please note - All Front/Back Page artwork done in house only! This to match branding header & footer.
£275 - Double Page Spread: 295mm wide x 210mm high. Details upon request. Rare availability.
*NB: these pages have a JG Header or JG Footer - hence the cheaper price - very popular!

Please make cheques payable for the above to 'Cheney Graphics Ltd'

I have worked with Terry @ The Jazz Guide for around 5 years and have been totally impressed with his efficiency, initiative and positive and helpful attitudes. His recent introduction of an ambitious but user-friendly website for ‘The Jazz Guide’ is a huge achievement on its own which offers new and invaluable opportunities to the jazz community. I enjoy his friendly company and appreciate his tireless devotion to the cause. I would recommend him as an invaluable friend to anyone involved in the jazz scene in the UK, Europe or beyond. ...Digby Fairweather.

“Running a monthly Jazz Club and annual Jazz Festival is greatly aided by the “Jazz Guide” publication and their website. It is a essential vehicle to enhance the awareness of the music, performers and events we devote our time to promote and organise and its publication has and does contribute to our success.
The friendly, considerate expertise provided by the Jazz Guide team is exemplary and well worth the expenditure. Our events are greatly aided by their initiative and technical expertise which is very much evidenced by the demand from our audiences for every edition of the publication” ...Graham & Maggie Smith - Pershore Jazz

Upton Jazz has been advertising with the Jazz Guide for many years. It’s the place our jazz fans go for news of the festival. The Jazz Guide website has been great in featuring our news, our bands and bringing our event to life. Many thanks from all at Upton Jazz,   ...Jon Parsons - Upton Jazz

Request a copy of the magazine and/or take a look around our website.