Jazz Guide FAQ's


We will add to this list as questions/queries arise.....
  We get loads of calls from subscribers asking when their subscription runs out. When you receive your Jazz Guide through the post, the expiry date is always printed in the lower left hand corner of the envelope.

20.01.17:  Error messages - we see, from our analytics, quite a few error messages. The main reason for this is that, originally, we put lots of info on the site to alert advertisers of our intention and to let them gauge the level of interest for themselves. Our intention for doing this was honourable, but, in hindsight, may not have been a great move.  We are investigating ways of eradicating such errors and will report back on our findings. Suffice to say though, the website IS creating plenty of interest and we would, sincerely, recommend all advertisers seriously consider upgrading their exposure.
29.01.17: Okay, now this may be getting a little complicated for some, but, regards the posting immediately above - if interested persons clicked on links/entries that were originally on the website and saved them; then, by attempting to use that link for bands/artists etc. who have since decided not to participate in the website service, would be greeted with an error message. We amplify the fact that these ARE NOT website errors! Our analytics show several attempts by people out there to access these pages, so, in that respect, it could be reasoned that non-participating bands/artist etc. are missing out.

This entry was posted on January 20, 2017

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